Alkebulan's Money | A Pan-African Currency

AlkebuLANs Money Ltd.

What does AlkebuLAN mean? AlkebuLAN means Mother of all Nations or Mother of Mankind. 
What is Africa's future currency called? Is it single African currency, Pan African currency, afro coin, afro currency, afrocoin Nope it is none of them?
It is simply called AlkebuLANs Money.
Where is AlkebuLAN’s Money Ltd based? The Company is registered in Kigali, Rwanda.
The African Union has enabled visa-free travel between countries but struggling to create a single currency for its citizens.
The East African shilling and the ECOWAS started as early as 2004 it is 2022 and neither has come to fruition. A single currency is desperately needed to help to trade between countries in Africa.

AlkebuLAN will be the new Pan-African currency.

One can send, receive, hold and trade on a lobstr wallet or any Stellar wallet for Stellar LAN & Trust Wallet, Metamask Wallet or any Bep20 wallet for BEP20 LAN
Alkebu LAN is a fast coin that takes only a few seconds to transfer; the transfer cost (gas) is less making it an ideal payment coin.
Alkebu LANs Exchange to buy, sell or trade similar to BinanceDEX will be live in early 2023. The trading fees will be zero to help all Alkebulans to be able to use the exchange.
Alkebu LAN Swap between Stellar LAN & Bep20 LAN will be available in early 2023.
Alkebu LANs own wallet to hold, send, receive & trade will be available to use in early 2023.
Alkebu LANs wallet will have an on/off-ramp to Banks by June 2023.
Alkebu LAN will increase intra-African trade. Has the potential to raise it to 60% from the current 12%.
Alkebu LAN’s Total number of coins is limited to 1,200,000,000. There will never be any more Alkebu LANs created.

Alkebu LANs’ Circulating Supply is 21,000,000. The rest are locked until 03-04-2023.

Alkebu LANs Total Liquidity (100%) is locked until 03-04-2033.

Alkebu LANs family businesses can export goods to the world without worrying about currency conversions.
Alkebu LAN can be purchased anywhere in the world through the wallet or in a cryptocurrency Exchange.
Which sounds better One Africa one LAN, One Africa one koin, or One Africa one Coin.

We liked

African Money for Africans.


Stellar LAN can be bought on Lobstr Wallet, Solar Wallet, Stellar Term, Interstellar Exchange & any Stellar wallet.

LAN Stellar Contract address


LAN Stellar Ledger

Bep20 LAN can be bought on Pancakeswap, Poocoin App, Dextools & other Binance Smart Chain exchanges.

LAN BEP20 Contract address


LAN BEP20 Ledger

Alkebulan's Money | A Pan-African Currency

AlkebuLANs Money Ltd.

Our Project.

The aim of the project is to keep African money in Africa to develop Africa.

Funds raised through the sale of coins will be used to build schools and other necessary projects in rural Africa.


with more than half of all youth between the ages of 12 and 24 years out of school, a problem particularly large in low-income, Francophone, and fragile or conflict-affected countries. Other factors include

(1) gender and urban/rural disparities,

(2) early marriage,

(3) parental attitudes toward education, and

(4) the household sector of employment and income-generating capacity.

Solar Power.

The low latitude of the landmass is another asset: much of the continent lies in the intertropical zone, where the intensity and the strength of the sunlight are always high. The area contains lots of vast sun-drenched arid and semi-arid expanses in the north, in the south, and to a lesser extent in the east. About two-fifths of the continent is desert, and thus continuously sunny.


By setting up rain catchment tanks or attenuation tanks these can hold in excess of 100,000 liters. By protecting natural springs. By building sand dams to contain water. By rehabilitating old wells and building new wells the water problem could be reduced.

Geo Thermal Energy.

Geothermal energy is a form of renewable energy that can produce sustainable electricity using the Earth’s own resources. It is generated and stored in the earth and can be captured from hot water springs or reservoirs located near the surface. These hot springs are found where water percolates into areas of volcanic activity in the Earth’s crust and becomes superheated before forcing its way back to the surface. Heat derived from hot water can be converted into electricity through electromagnetic induction. Geothermal heat can provide electrical power that is not dependent on weather conditions, making it a reliable renewable source of energy.

Planting Trees.

Trees are a vital resource for rural poor communities in Africa. They provide shade and shelter, help to prevent soil erosion, restore degraded land, and can be a valuable source of food and nutrition. tackling poverty and improving the lives of local communities. Tree planting is also one of the most effective ways to mitigate the effects of climate change. A single mature tree can remove upwards of 25kgs of harmful greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. Carbon sequestration might not be the main reason why African families plant on their small farms, trees offer a win-win for African communities as rural poor families, while least responsible, are amongst the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Improve Agriculture.

Boosting the productivity of farmers who grow staple crops on small plots of land, in staples, but also other crops and livestock can help poor people in Africa leverage the food system, earning more money from what they grow and helping meet the demand coming from cities for higher-value crops.

The Team.

We are two Civil Engineers with more than 50 years of experience in the UK construction industry.

Our Process.

The coin was created and added to the network. Lobstr wallet incorporation established through a successful toml file. so far almost 50 Trustlines created. The coins are ready to send, receive, hold & trade on lobstr wallet.

Our Approach.

Through the help of local volunteers promote the coin in all 55 countries. Currently we have volunteers in Rwanda and Ghana. We ara desperately seeking for volunteers in other countries in Africa.

Our Goal.

Our goal is to create a selfsufficient Africa. An Africa where every man, woman and child sleeps at night without worrying about where the food is going to come from tomorrow. An Africa where every child gets his/her basic education. An Africa where all men & women join force to help each other as one people.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to not stop what we started to achieve. Not to stop until every village in Africa enjoys the basics a man, woman & child is entitled to. Not to stop until Africa sits in the G20 as equal partner.

Our Rockstar Team.

We are a highly motivated team who are fully focussed on achieving what we started to achieve. Our years of experience in managing construction contracts gives us the ability to carry this project to great success.


Asoka Janaka

CEO, Co-Founder

Started his career as a civil engineer, progressing to Site Management and since 2014 running his own construction company.


Valentine Shambira

CTO, Co-Founder

Started his career as a civil Engineer. Progressing to Senior Engineer then on to Planning Engineer. Currently working as Planning Manager for Clarion HG


Khurram Yaseen

Project Manager

Started his career as a programmer. Progressing to more advanced IT. Currently managing a team of IT personals.


Ibrahim Salifou

Business Startup Manager

Project Management and environmental affairs professional, experienced in the implementation of public-private partnerships, business and economic development. Proven track record in delivering Management and infrastructure projects. Extensive experience in managing people and project budgets, stakeholder engagement including governmental agencies. Excellent interpersonal skills with strong Corporate Law abilities: able to build strong working relationships across all levels, from front-line staff to board members/C level executives.

Jean Claude

Jean Claude Daddy Sekanyambo

Marketing Manager

A highly motivated and driven Corporate and Business Development Management with more than 7 years of experience in high level sales environments. Confident, hardworking with a proven track record for first class Sales, marketing management and client satisfaction. Always on task with an ability to identify key Sales and marketing strategies and implement account direction positively. An excellent leader with an emphasis on utilizing the strengths of colleagues and creating an environment of forward thinking ideas driven by business needs, sales targets and innovative marketing solutions. Core Competencies and Skills: - Sales and Marketing management - Business Development - Product Development - Draft profitable Business Proposals and presentations - Draft Project proposals and coordination - Community mobilization/sensitization - Review and edit Business contracts - People Management - Motivation skills (People motivation),Sales teams motivation and management

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Our Partners.

Are you a business in Africa selling your products Internationally? Join us and we can make your payments simpler for your customers.

Dex Tools

Our Payment Wallet.

Estimated release early 2023

Hybrid Payment Wallet

Our developers have started creating a decentralised wallet similar to Trust Wallet capable of hold, send, receive & trade. Facilities for Businesses to accept payments for goods or services provided will be incorporated into the wallet.The wallet will go through thorough testing before it is released to the public in early 2023.


Bank Payment into the wallet

We are currently in communication with banks in Africa to allow deposits and withdrawals into our wallet.

In the future

Watch this space.

We will update our followers here as we progress with the project

Future Progress

Will be published here.


Future Progress.

Will be published here.


Future Progress

Will be published here.

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Are you in Fintech or you are simply interested in the project. Feel free to contact us. We are interested in hearing your views.

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